I’ve been doing Pilates with Linda for over a year in the studio. When lockdown came in I was delighted that her classes were available via Zoom. Linda is always encouraging you to do your best. She has a great attitude! An added bonus is that the class is recorded to do later or again if you wish.


I have been participating in Linda’s classes for the last 4 weeks and each class gets tougher. I am feeling muscles I never knew existed. Linda is an excellent instructor; her tutorials are well thought out & easy to follow. She adjusts the moves to suit all levels from beginners to advanced.


I began Pilates with Linda last week. Previously I had done Pilates in the past but always found my lower back to hurt so could never do the poses or exercises. Linda explains all poses so well that I found I could do all the poses or exercises in the class with no lower back pain.

Thank you Linda x


Pilates with Linda is the best way to wake up! Friday morning classes online were a great way to start the day before work & eased myself right into the weekend. She caters for everyone’s needs & somehow manages to spot you slacking off even through Zoom! Couldn’t recommend her more.


I’ve been doing Pilates with Linda via Zoom for a few months now. I find it very accessible and easy to use. The instructions Linda gives are very clear and she is very visible. She could be in the room with you. I’ve had little or no problem using Zoom for these classes. The recording of the class is a bonus as I have access to do the class again. Highly recommend these classes on Zoom.


Linda’s warm and funny personality is palpable and her knowledge of the body is immense and allows you to put your trust in her. I couldn’t recommend her Linda highly enough. Thank you Linda for giving me something to smile about in a time that there was little out there to smile about.


Linda’s Stretch & Slow class has made such a positive impact on my week and my health. I really think it’s my favourite half hour of the week – it’s the perfect class if you spend most of your day sitting looking at a screen. After the class I feel as though all the knots in my back, shoulders and neck are gone – it’s almost as good as a massage. Linda is a wonderful teacher with a lovely gentle presence in guiding everyone to do as much as they can within their limits. I also do another of Linda’s hour-long classes which is more intense. I’m starting to time my running so that I do the Stretch & Slow straight after, no aches and pains the next day. And I always sleep really well after this class, it’s so relaxing. I feel as though the weekend starts when I lie down on the mat for this class, even though it’s only Thursday!

Thanks Linda


The Benefits of Pilates 

Regular practise of Pilates increases overall body strength, improves flexibility, muscle tone & may reduce your waist

Pilates can aid other sports & it’s precision sequencing can establish good training habits & help reduce injury

Pilates can improve back issues/injuries & can help achieve a flatter tummy

Pilates focuses on your mental & spiritual health as well as building your body strength

Pilates can increase confidence & build friendships through attending class with others (we have also fostered this online)

Regular practise of pilates can improve physical health & help maintain a normal healthy body

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