Stretch & Slow

30 mins stretching for all whether you are a runner, cyclist or golfer, this is a super stretch each week

Single Class

€8 for 1 class

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6 Classes

€36 for 6 weeks

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€6 weekly subscription

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The Benefits of Pilates 

Regular practise of Pilates increases overall body strength, improves flexibility, muscle tone & may reduce your waist

Pilates can aid other sports & it’s precision sequencing can establish good training habits & help reduce injury

Pilates can improve back issues/injuries & can help achieve a flatter tummy

Pilates focuses on your mental & spiritual health as well as building your body strength

Pilates can increase confidence & build friendships through attending class with others (we have also fostered this online)

Regular practise of pilates can improve physical health & help maintain a normal healthy body

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