Do you ever read articles with the titles? Do you get enough sleep? Are you getting your 8 hours? Improve your sleep you will take over the world!!

In my opinion your sleep is relative to your life stage. Yes, ideally you should get 8 hours sleep, yes you will be more productive if you go to bed earlier, yes, the hours before midnight are worth more to you than the ones after.

But hang on!! Has anyone factored real life into the scenario, when they make the sensible suggestion of “you need to get more sleep”?

What about the new parents, every moment centred around the new baba and any scrap of sleep they can get around baby’s “routine”….my biggest piece of solicited advice that I give to any new parent is, their little newbie may be their prince or princess but SLEEP IS KING

What about the older parents who wait patiently for their little darlings to come home in the early hours & bounce of the walls as the ascend the staircase.

What about your job? The mental & emotional stress it causes some who cannot switch off. Those constantly checking their emails on their phone (that topic is for another day)

What about those with no job with constant worry of how the bills will be paid & how to keep a roof over their head or those who haven’t paid the bill and are facing sleeping without a roof over their head.

The older generation who are proud to say they can survive on 4 & 5 hours a night or the younger generation who if they do not get 14 hours well, they are just fecked.

The most frequent complaint from all for lack of sleep is that you can’t switch off when you get into bed. The voice in our head does not stop chatting. The longer this goes on the more anxious we feel and there more we associate bed with negative thoughts & feelings.

Is there a solution?

Sadly, for some people there isn’t. They say don’t lie in bed awake, get out of bed as the longer we lie there the more anxious & frustrated we become. Experts suggest getting out of bed, leave the room, read a book. I’ve tried this & ended up waking up on the couch with a creek in my neck.

For me, I’ve learned two lessons over the past couple of years with regards to my own sleep…

  • Don’t bring your phone to the bedroom (more about this later)
  • Spend less time in bed & to get up early. This has certainly been me in lockdown 3.0…honestly the week of Jan 4th 2021 I stayed in bed two days until 10.30 and I felt terrible. The next week I made a conscious decision to get up at 6.30 everyday and that was a game changer. Staying in bed can often make us feel even worse.

My own thoughts…if you struggle to sleep, take it where you can.

We all know getting enough sleep is the right thing for our bodies, but can you tell our lives that??