Pilates Classes

A mix of classical & contemporary Pilates designed to work & strengthen the body & mind. Suitable for all levels.

Please contact me using the contact form below if you are interested in participating in this class. Dates and times are set up to what suits them members of the class best.

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The Benefits of Pilates 

Regular practise of Pilates increases overall body strength, improves flexibility, muscle tone & may reduce your waist

Pilates can aid other sports & it’s precision sequencing can establish good training habits & help reduce injury

Pilates can improve back issues/injuries & can help achieve a flatter tummy

Pilates focuses on your mental & spiritual health as well as building your body strength

Pilates can increase confidence & build friendships through attending class with others (we have also fostered this online)

Regular practise of pilates can improve physical health & help maintain a normal healthy body

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