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Classes I offer


A mix of classical & contemporary Pilates

Bone Strengthening Pilates

Designed for those with osteoporsis/osteopenia

Stretch & Slow

30 mins stretching suitable for all

Breast Cancer Recovery

A gentle class for those recovering from breast cancer

1:1 Pilates

A class designed for you

A little about Pilates & Fitness with Linda


Pilates with Linda is a fun safe environment. Classes are online via Zoom & in my studio in Bray

My mission is to provide a Haven for Women from all stages of life through Fitness, Friends & most of all fun. My vision is to provide an environment that improves your total health & wellbeing. Inclusion & building confidence is an integral part of our philosophy. We embrace everyone, all ages, all shapes & all fitness levels

The main aim of Pilates is to help prevent injury & rehabilitate any current injuries. Rugby & Football players have incorporated Pilates into their overall fitness training. Dancers, runners, swimmers & cyclists include Pilates as part of their training in order to improve their individual performance

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